Colódio Húmido 1851

Workshop May 28th — Former jail of Amarante

In this workshop, we will travel back in time to the early days of photography, precisely to 1851, to the third photographic process, the wet collodion. Here, we will learn how to manipulate the elements to obtain the chemistry that allows us to make the exposure and the relief of the photographs on an aluminum plate support. We will work with ancient cameras and lenses that are 160 years old. We will make portraits, exploring the handling of the cameras and the light used during the session. In the end, each participant will be able to take home two portraits. And a trip back in time.

The workshop is on May 28th in Amarante
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Although he was born in the Federal Republic of Germany, Munster, his roots are well established in Lavandeira de Ansiães, in the Northeast Transmontano.

He has a degree in Social Communication from the Escola Superior de Jornalismo, he also completed a Photography course at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto and, currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate at the Universidade do Minho.

Since 1996 he was linked to Jornal de Notícias until the creation of the Global Imagens Agency, February 2010, where he photographs for Jornal de Notícias, Diário de Notícias, O Jogo, Notícias Magazine, Dinheiro Vivo, Volta ao Mundo and Evasões. The numerous reports made abroad, have already taken him to travel some countries in the five continents.

Teaches the module of Photojournalism in the Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences – Information and Journalism, at the University of Minho and in parallel, teaches the discipline of Photojournalism at the Portuguese Institute of Photography.

May 28th
To register, fill in this form and follow payment instructions.