As Bravas — Paulo Pimenta / PELE

Exhibition May 27th to July 3rd — São Gonçalo Monastery

In the Marão mountains, we (re)meet our ancestors, women who fight and resist. They whisper silenced memories and sing to dispel the loneliness of days. Guardians of memories of hard times and bare feet, of stories and songs from the past but with the future in their eyes.
The mantle that surrounds them was sewn from living patches of the paths that are part of the daily life and wisdom of these women. It too has been growing, blooming, and drying out throughout the process of creation.
This exhibition is a celebration of these Bravas, living mythological figures, archetypes of nature in their most beautiful and raw form.

Photographs by Paulo Pimenta from a PELE project

Artistic direction: Alexandra Côrte-Real, Inês Lapa, Janne Schröder, Maria João Mota, Paulo Pimenta and Sandra Neves

Sound compositions: Inês Lapa

Sound mixing: Ricardo Carvalho

Photography: Paulo Pimenta

Post-Production Photography: Mario O Santos

Video: Alexandra Côrte-Real

Art Direction and Scenography: Sandra Neves

Art direction assistance: Rita Cantante

Production Direction: Carina Moutinho

Technical support: Ruca Bourbon

Funding: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Inauguration on May 27th
Cloisters of the Monastery of São Gonçalo, Amarante
On show until July 3rd